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The Truth About UPC Bar Codes

Everything you ever wanted to know about UPC bar codes

Every retail product in North America has a UPC bar code printed on it. But what do you really know about this type of bar code? This 28 page ebook explains everything there is to know about UPC bar codes. The book answers questions like:

  • What is a UPC bar code?
  • Who needs a UPC code?
  • How do you print UPC bar codes?
  • How do you get your own UPC code?
  • What size should my bar code be?
  • Are there web resources for printing UPC codes?
  • Where can I find a database of UPC codes?
  • Plus much, much more.

This eBook is free with the purchase of our UPC bar code printing software. You can also get it for free simply by tweeting about it! Or you can buy a copy right now for only $4.95. Discover everything there is to know about UPC codes before you make a costly mistake! This eBook is an invaluable resource for people who make and sell retail products.

This book even provides detailed information on other UPC related bar codes and why you might need them. Stop being confused by things like Shipping Container Codes, ITF-14, GTIN, or other retail bar code formats. Learn all about them here. The end of this ebook even includes a bar code terminology section that explains what all those confusing bar code related acronyms mean.