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PCL bitmapped fonts for Unix, AS/400, DOS, and other operating systems.

Requires LaserJet or compatible printer.

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PCL Bar Code 128 & UCC EAN 128 Font Set

This bar code 128 package contains a collection of PCL bitmapped LaserJet soft fonts for printing bar codes. These bar code fonts can be used from DOS, Unix, or AS/400 computers but are not recommended for use in Windows (see our TrueType Bar Code 128 package for a Windows version). PCL bar code fonts are stored on your computers hard disk and must be sent to an HP LaserJet or compatible printer before they can be used.

Once these fonts are sent to the printer, they will stay there until your LaserJet's power is turned off. To print a bar code, you send a PCL font selection command to your printer (our documentation explains these command sequences). Next send your bar code data to the printer. Finally, you send a PCL command to your printer, switching it back to the normal font.

This set includes standard versions of the 128 bar code. These LaserJet PCL bar codes come in four different heights, 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, and 1 inch will all heights available in both 6.81 and 9.09 pitch. The set includes portrait versions of the fonts (which work in any orientation) along with a manual that comes in pdf format. These PCL LaserJet bar code fonts can be used from DOS, Unix, or mainframe computers.

  • Four Subsets: A, B, C, and UCC/EAN
  • Includes: standard versions only
  • Features: .25, .5, .75, and 1 inch heights at 6.8 and 9.09 cpi
  • Data Type: Alpha-Numeric+ (subsets A & B), Numeric (subset C)
  • Checksum: Required
  • Bar Code Length: Variable
  • Requires: HP LaserJet or PCL compatible printer with at least 300 dpi resolution
  • Documentation: PCL Bar Code 128 PCL font documentation in PDF format